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Why Disability Insurance?

The chance of missing months or years of work because of an injury or illness may seem remote, especially if you’re young and healthy. However, 1 in 4 people in the U.S. will suffer a disability lasting for more than a year before the age of 65.

If a disability took away your ability to practice in your medical specialty, how would this impact your earnings?

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Key Aspects of Disability Insurance

1. Own-Occupation Definition: This ensures that you receive benefits if you are unable to perform your specialty.

2. Benefit Period: Choose a benefit period that provides coverage until retirement age.

3. Elimination Period: Select a waiting period that balances affordability with your ability to cover expenses in the short term.

4. Coverage Amount: Ensure your policy covers enough of your income to maintain your lifestyle and meet ongoing obligations.

5. Non-Cancellable & Guaranteed Renewable: These provisions ensure that your policy cannot be canceled, nor can premiums be increased, as long as you pay on time.

Critical Riders to Consider

1. Future Purchase Option: Allows you to increase your coverage as your income grows without needing further medical underwriting.

2. Residual or Partial Disability Rider: Provides benefits if you can work but your disability limits your earning potential. 

3. Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Rider:  Adjusts your benefits for inflation, ensuring your coverage remains adequate over time. 

4. Catastrophic Disability Rider: Provides additional benefits if you suffer a severe disability that requires significant extra care. 

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